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The Howe fabricated replacement frames are made to replace the popular 77-85 Impala / Caprice GM OEM frame along with the 68-72 Chevelle that have become standards for the modified classes.

A fabricated frame eliminates the shortage and saves time and cost without making existing bolt on parts obsolete.

Cost - The fabricated frame sells for less than a reworked OEM frame, if you can find one.  A surviving stock frame that is not crashed or rusted out must be sandblasted, stripped, straightened and modified to be ready to install.  The fabricated frame installs faster lowering the labor cost of both new cars and repairs.

Compatibility - Fits existing components including lower a-frames, spindles, steering and springs. Frame rails are made long enough to fit existing nerf bars.

Weight - Integral ballast mounts equalize any weight advantage during a transition from factory to fabricated frames. The new Howe frames are 86 lbs. compared the factory frames, which are 145 lbs. for the Impala and 120 lbs. for the Chevelle.  Weight may be added to each side to make the frames equal.

Tech - To identify the frame a CNC cut part number tag is welded on each frame. In addition a trademarked Howe "H" logo is stamped into each side of the frame rail.  Howe will also supply tracks a tech inspectors drawing to allow critical dimensions to be checked.

  • Fits OEM Lower A-frame
  • Fits OEM Dimension Idler Arm
  • GM Stock Steering Box Mounts
  • Accepts Original Style Sway Bar
  • Common Bumper Mounts
  • Built in Ballast Mounts
  • Slotted A-frame Mounts
  • Accepts Existing Nerf Bars


WARNING: This product can expose you to one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to