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Frequently Asked Questions

Serial Numbers on Howe Racing chassis are located on top of the left frame rail next to the driver's seat around the thigh area when seated.  The format of the serial number has changed over the years.

From 2010-Present: Serial numbers are welded on machined tags a Howe tag and a Number tag.  The number tag begins with an "H" followed by a four digit number.  This number represents the approximate number of complete chassis Howe Racing has ever built.

From Early 1997-2009: Serial numbers were welded on machined tags a Howe tag and a Number tag.  The number tag is a five digit number.  The first three digits of the number represent the order the chassis was built in and the last two digits represent the year.  Example: Chassis number 08804 would be the 88th chassis built in the year 2004.

From 1990- Early 1997: Serial numbers were stamped on the frame rail as well as a Howe Serial number tag that was pop rivited over teh one stamped on the rail.  The serial number was formated so the first numbers represented the month the second numbers represented the build order and the last two digits represented the year.  Example: Chassis number 1 12 95 would represent the 12th chassis built in January of 1995.

From Nov. 1975-1989: Serial number were a minimum of 4 digits represented by the order they were built and the year.  The earliest number issued each year was 11.

Earlier: The earliest known serial number was issued in November of 1975.

ASA Spec Center Sections 1992-2004: Howe racing was the exclusive supplier of spec midsections for the American Speed Association from the time it transitioned to a series specific chassis in 1992 until it's final race in 2004.  All of these midsections featured a Howe Tag as well as an ASA tag with a serial number.  For 1992-93 the number represented the total number of midsections built ever.  Beginning in 1994 the number kept track of the number of midsections built per year with the first two digits representing the year.

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