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Howe introduced a new class of road race cars in 2010 with the Scandinavian based Camaro Cup. In the time since, nearly 200 of these chassis have been produced between North America, Europe, Central America and Australia.

Howe has benefited from the input of marquee drivers including Pete Halsmer, Cameron Lawrence, Adam Andretti, Tommy Archer, Nic Jonsson, Tommy Kendall, Wally Dallenbach and Jan Magnussen.

The most prominent growth in the USA has been in TA2 and GT2 classes. Download our latest TA2 / GT2 Brochure HERE!

    • 10702R
      Frame & Cage - Road Race
    • 35303
      Mid Section - Euro
    • 35304
      Mid Section - USA / TA2
    • 366CCR
      Tail Section Road Race