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Howe Modified chassis have a proven record of success across the USA. These chassis have been built using either the 68-72 Chevelle or the “Big Metric” Impala.

Due to scarcity of these frames Howe will not accept any new orders for modifieds with factory frames but will continue to repair existing stock frame mods if a core frame is provided. Howe will build new modifieds using a legally specified fabricated frame. It is likely that we will be forced to discontinue repairs of stock frames as well at some point.

Howe modified chassis with fabricated frames can be ordered without delay and at lower prices. Currently, many tracks in the country allow the Howe fabricated frame as an alternative. We expect that number to continue to increase.

  • 10702FMI
    Frame & Cage - Fab Impala Mod
  • 10702FMC
    Frame & Cage - Fab Chevelle Mod
  • 35397
    Mid Section - Asphalt Mod
  • 35809
    Fabricated Impala Frame
  • 358091
    Fab Impala, No Upper Mounts
  • 35810
    Fabricated Chevelle Frame
  • 358101
    Fab Chevelle, No Upper Mounts
  • 36610
    Asphalt Mod Tail