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Late model chassis go back to the founding of our company, we take great pride in our current design carrying on the winning tradition. Our offset Late model chassis can be configured to meet the specifications for many different tracks and regions in North America.

The chassis are intended for use with Tempate bodies using either Crate of Built V8 engines. Our current Late Model is an updated and lighter version of the very successful 101 design. The 101 is built to take advantage of our most current suspension.

The Howe Late model chassis has become the preferred choice for selective Late Model customers.

  • 10702N
    Frame & Cage - “101"
  • 35301
    Mid Section - Offset
  • 36609
    101 / SS Template Tail - 9” Shock
  • 366097
    101 / SS Template Tail - 7” Shock
  • 35394
    Mid Section - Perimeter
  • 36606P
    ES Template Tail - Underslung
  • 36602
    Overaxle Perimeter Tail