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We can build custom aluminum radiators to your specification. If you can draw it, sketch it, or provide a sample, we can build it. You may provide your own sketch or current sample radiator or fill out the Howe custom radiator quote form.
Standard listed radiators are available at Howe and Howe dealers nationwide. See the 'Dealer Section' for the dealer nearest to you.

Custom Radiators may be ordered through the Howe Custom Radiator Form or a complete drawing or sketch. Custom radiators require a minimum of five working days before shipping.

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   Step 1: Cores (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Chose Your Base Core Size
   Step 2: Styles (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Chose The Basic Style Of Your Custom Radiator
   Step 3: Water Filler (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Select The Provision For Filling The System With Fluid
   Step 4: Water Inlet (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Water Inlet Assortment
   Step 5: Water Outlet (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Water Outlet Assortment
   Step 6: Mounting Tabs (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Water Outlet Assortment
   Step 7: Drains (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Drains Assortment
   Step 8: Heat Exchanger (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Heat Exchanger
   Step 9: Tanks (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Tanks Assortment
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